UX Trends for 2017; Say Hi to the Future!


UX Trends for 2017; Say Hi to the Future!

Yes, welcome the future of UX trends with the change,B What are designs for? It is the thing that mostly influence the users psychologically, unique contrasts with styled design catch the user’s sight instantly.  However in novel trends, UX is not just about design but the ways how appropriately and effectively you present that design combining numerous other features. For the companies, its time for a change, open new paths for innovation by applying new ways of UX.

Now let’s discuss some trends that are not only bound to 2017, but can bring huge changes in the realm of design in future years too.



Open Facebook or take a look at Instagram, there is frequent use of a heart which pop up when you hit like on Instagram or a thumbs up which represent like on Facebook. These are micro interactions you can see everywhere. Help in the close interaction among users, with more fun as it has now become usual to use more micro animations that comments. They make the chat more ‘fun’ and ‘quick’. A lot can be understood by one emoji than many words. It also makes the chat ‘quickly responded’ in group messaging.



Create a masterpiece using designs in a manner of story telling. Simple and cognitive content is common, to stand out from crowd you need something different. Storytelling influence people more, they want to see a page with simple designs having characters rather than a page loaded with heavy designs. You can also make user understand the difficult phenomenon more quickly and effectively. This idea is widely used for social campaigns to raise awareness among people for a particular problem.



Studies shows that people do not give more than few seconds on single page or a website. If they can’t find what they are looking for, they will switch to other site. Create such designs that pass more information in influential manner within hardly a minute to save time.

These elements can be added in UX to save user’s time.

  • Simple and direct to the point designs.
  • Use of minimal designs.
  • Show information in grid form, used for easy grabbing of information at a single glance.
  • All content at one page, allows user to scroll from top to bottom for whole information.



Authentic or not? This is decided by the people after reading the content. Companies having well written and researched content gain more page visits, as people consider them reliable and authentic. Making designs by considering the comfort and ease of a reader is a new trend of UX. Nothing should hinder the user experience, crafting the design so perfectly that masterly written content got right place and get the trust of people and exactly serving the purpose it is written for.


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